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10 Superb Beauty Tricks To Apply

Remember your freshman yearbook photograph? Yes, the cake face foundation that was darker than your neck and a thick powder on top was being rocked by you and all the other cool girls. And the heavy black eyeliner on your lower lash line was pretty hot back then. But would you ever wear your makeup like that again? Probably not. That’s because we grow up and along our road to adulthood we learn a few tricks here and there. These are 10 of the most superb beauty tricks we’ve picked up over the years:

1. Sunscreen is your best friend. Sunscreen is your single best defense against aging. Tanned skin is gorgeous, but these days frying your skin in the sun for hours isn’t the only way to get a beautiful bronze glow. Plus, skin that’s tanned and wrinkly isn’t really what most people are going for anyhow. Do yourself a favor, and apply that sunscreen after you moisturize.

2. If you love dry shampoo, you’re not alone. Women are washing their hair less frequently and using dry shampoo more often. If you’ve never heard of dry shampoo, you’re missing out! Dry shampoo is sprayed onto the root area to make your hair appear as though you’ve just taken a shower and have clean hair. The trick to dry shampoo, though, is to use it at night before bed, instead of in the morning. Dry shampoo needs time to work its magic, and if you’re using it right before you head out the door, you’re not reaping its full benefits.

3. Pat on light-feeling concealer. OK, we all know that concealer is a wonder product- one of the best makeup products ever created. Unfortunately certain types of concealer and the application methods we use can actually make us look worse. Try to avoid a thick concealer formula and stick to something airy and light. Patting on the concealer is the only way you should be applying it to begin with.

4.We don’t hear this enough- STOP touching your face! Stop resting your face in your hands, stop picking at that pimple, and stop touching up your makeup with your fingertips. Use a beauty blender! Throughout the day our hands gather so much bacteria and germs, even with regular hand washing. Touching your face with those grubby fingers promotes bacteria growth, acne, and skin allergies. If you need to touch up your make up, use oil blotting sheets, or a beauty blender.

5. The most unflattering thing you can do in your beauty routine, is to pile on the foundation. Foundation is designed to be flawless and skin-like, so if you’re applying way too much, and a thick layer, you’re doing it wrong! Light makeup is attractive because your natural beauty is still showing through- freckles, beauty marks. Too much foundation will actually emphasize your flaws. For example, if you have peach fuzz heavy foundation will emphasize it. And if you have wrinkles, heavy makeup will make you look 10 years older.

6. Always wash your face and remove your makeup before bed. This one’s a no brainer, but we’d be lying if we said we’ve never slept with our makeup on. It’s important to keep your face clean and clear and give it room to breathe. This brings us to number 7..

7. Use quality skin care products. Don’t skimp out on good products for your face. Invest in a good cleanser, a weekly exfoliant, and a nightly moisturizer. If you have skin issues, there’s almost always a serum for whatever it is you’re struggling with. And if you need a youthful boost, you need some retinol in your life. Make sure the makeup you’re using is not expired, and is a good quality as well. After all, your skin is an organ and deserves to be taken care of.

8. Don’t overdo your makeup. If you’re going bold with a black smokey eye, pair it with a nude lip. If you’re going vampy with a dark lip, try and go with a neutral eye. Going bold with the eyes, lips, cheeks, and brows is only going to help you look like a clown. It’s OK to be bold and beautiful, just don’t overdo it.

9. Invest in a good clarifying shampoo. If you like products in your hair, a clarifying shampoo is a must. Hair spray, conditioners, and mousse build up in your hair weighing it down and making it appear dull. Clarifying shampoo can even remove certain dyes from your hair that you’re trying to get rid of. This shampoo shouldn’t be used regularly, so only shampoo with it a couple times per month.

10. Test your makeup before you purchase it. Almost everywhere you shop, you’re able to request a sample of a makeup you think you may like. Samples are amazing because it saves you the hassle of going back and forth to return and exchange your purchases. You can even request samples of certain skin and hair products at most places. Sephora often offers samples of skin creams, and foundations, as well as other products.

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