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5 Makeup Trends For Spring 2019

As spring approaches, the sun comes out and suddenly we’re feeling more confident and energized! Spring is a time for good change and new beginnings. Makeup trends on the runway are looking bold, colorful, and exciting. We’re trading in the matte and dark vampy winter looks for fresh dewy skin and soft pastels. Skin is coming out, glossed out and glowing! It’s an exhilarating time to play around with our makeup!

We’re loving the bushy brushed up brows, the natural barely-there makeup looks, and the bold pops of color. Mascara in hot bright colors is having a moment, and bold colored eyeshadows are on trend. Bright daring lips are everywhere, and 90’s soft browns are making a reappearance. Here’s a look at some of our very favorite looks on the runways sported by supermodels, and the hottest looks popping up on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Here are our favorite 5 makeup trends for spring 2019!

1. Monochrome – Peach Eyes & Lips 

Monochrome Makeup 2019
Image from Pinterest

There is nothing boring about the lovely monochromatic look that’s turning heads this spring! With this trend, you won’t need to look for shades that compliment each other, but rather stick to a beautiful peachy or taupe color that works on eyes, cheeks, and lips. Work a gorgeous peach tone into your eyelids, and choose a peachy blush for your cheeks. Add a shiny nude lip with taupe undertones and you’re good to go! This trend is everywhere now, and there are tons of palette options on the market.



2. Bright Blood Orange Lips

Powder Finish Lipstick
Image from Colourpop

The red orange grapefruit shade is incredible on any skin tone, and one of the hottest looks for 2019. What differentiates this look from years past, is the finish of the lipstick. 2019 is all about powdery finishes on lips. Let’s not confuse the powdery finish with a matte finish, though they have their similarities. What we’re looking for is a new smooth balmy formula, with a powdery finish. This means the lipstick glides on like a balm, but has a super trendy powdery finish. Trust us, we’re already seeing this trend on the catwalk and all over Instagram.

3. Fresh Glossy Skin

Glossy Skin Makeup 2019
Image from EFcreativestudios

There’s nothing sexy about dry skin, and that hasn’t changed in 2019. But this spring it’s less about shimmer and highlighter, and more about naturally dewy, glowy and glossy skin. And you won’t find the key to glossy skin in a highlighter, unfortunately. The key to this trend is to look like your skin is hydrated, and the first step to that is actually being hydrated.

To achieve this glossy skin look, start by taking care of your skin. Use a good exfoliating scrub weekly, and a massaging serum or oil nightly. Massaging your face stimulates your blood, and gives you a brighter, more energized complexion. Forget the matte foundation look, and instead add some luminous drops to your existing foundation. And instead of using highlighting shimmer or your face, apply some to your collarbones and shoulders for an added gloss.

We also love the gloss products available today for eyelids, cheekbones and lips. Milk Makeup sells face gloss for $20 at Sephora or Ulta, and the product can be used on lids and cheeks. Milk Makeup also sells an Eye Vinyl dewy pink eyeshadow, which is a bit more on the subtle side.

4. Sexy Subtle Brown Smokey Eye

Brown Smokey Eye 2019
Image from HarpersBazaar

This spring, a more subtle smokey eye is in order. With the sun coming out, and the freshness in the air, we are ditching the harshness of the black smokey eye, and focusing more on a natural brown in its favor. A brown or a dark beige on the eyes is fresh, while still offering a sexy evening looking smokey eye. Dark beige is being used as a gorgeous day time option, and a darker brown and gold together create a dramatic evening look.

5. Romantic Stained Lips 

This spring we’ve seen lots of lip colors, textures, and finishes. One of our favorites is the romantic stained lip trend. Why do we love it? First of all, it is almost completely effortless. The whole point to the look is being a little undone and that’s what makes it look so romantic. Sometimes applying lipstick and lip liner can look heavy, and spring is all about looking fresh, airy and natural. Not only does lipstick appear heavy at times, but the application itself is so grueling at times, that one smudge can ruin the look.

We love the lip stains and tints that are in style right now for a couple of reasons: they’re gorgeous, effortless, won’t smudge, and will stay on all day or all night. Berry shades and natural 90’s inspired browns are some of the most loved lip stains right now. Don’t be afraid to play with makeup colors and textures! Spring time is all about trying new things, so out with the old and in with the new!

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