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5 Ways To Slim A Round Face

If you find yourself repeatedly being carded at bars at the ripe age of 25, or putting on ten pounds means all ten of them instantly go to your face, then you probably have a round face. Us round faced gals have mastered certain tricks of appearing to have a slim face, I mean we did have only our whole lives to figure these things out.

We’ll tell you one thing, having a round face makes you look YOUNG. And that’s one thing you’ll definitely appreciate as you get older! Round faces are adorable, we know. But sometimes we’d like to fake some cheekbones where they’re nonexistent. Read on to learn 5 ways to slim a round face!

1. Grow Out Your Hair

Round Face Long Hair
Image from Pinterest

Short hair is cute, and we’ve all wanted a short cut at some point in our lives. But longer hair is extra flattering for everyone, and that includes our fuller faced girls. Longer hair draws the eyes downward, and creates the illusion of a more oval- shaped face. Hair that’s long and tousled looks beautiful, and when it’s not layered can make us look a lot thinner. With long hair we also get a lot more styling options, which can help us look slimmer.

We can do several things to help us achieve long hair. To start, we can stop bleaching it and go natural. Heat is super damaging, so cutting down on heat styling product use, and letting our hair dry naturally will do wonders for our length. Hair masks are great, and so are hair conditioning products like leave ins, and split end menders.

2. Learn How To Contour

Contour Round Face
Image from YouTube

Everybody and their mother is contouring their faces. Every beauty guru you’ve ever watched on YouTube has mastered the art of contouring. Contouring creates these beautiful shadows that are illusions of chiseled facial features. The shades you use need to be flattering and appropriate for your particular skin tone.

If your skin is light to medium, you want to stay away from warm contour tones, and anything too dark to appear natural. Find a shade that is more on the neutral side, and only a few shades darker than what you’d normally wear. If you have a warmer and darker skin tone, warm contour shades look excellent and natural.

3. Wear Lower Necklines

Round Face Neckline
Image from Cariloha

OK, we don’t mean risqué necklines, unless you’re into that of course! But our beloved turtlenecks are certainly not doing us any favors in the slimming department. Turtlenecks make our necks disappear, and accentuates double chins. This goes for any zip up jackets we have, no need to zip all the way to the top. This isn’t very flattering.

If you wear dress shirts to work on a regular basis, for the love of- don’t button them up to the very top. Unbutton a few buttons on your dress shirt or blouse and let your neck be visible and breathe a little! It’ll look more natural and breezy, while elongating your neck and slimming your face.

4. Bring Attention To Your Eyes And Eyebrows

Full Eyebrows Round Face
Image from Pinterest

Our eyebrows frame our faces and a pop of drama on the eyes helps, too. Not everybody is blessed with perfectly full, filled in eyebrows. When our eyebrows are uneven and thinning, they can really get lost on the face. It’s super important to fill in your brows where they naturally would grow with a shade that matches your hair and skin tone. Even eyebrows make the face appear smaller and more put together.

The same thing applies to our eyes. If we neglect giving them some sort of pop, they’ll get lost just like undone brows. Even a bit of mascara and eyelash curling can make our eyes open up and look alive! Using eyeshadow on our lower lash lines creates the illusion of bigger eyes, and therefore slims down our faces.

5. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight Round Face
Image from Best Health Magazine

This is truly the most important piece of advice we can offer. Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to looking and feeling good. Even if our face is a little on the rounder side, so what? After all, we’ll bet there are countless people that wish to have the round face you struggle with. As long as we’re doing our best to stay healthy, we’ll feel and look beautiful!

Maintaining a healthy diet helps our skin look its best. There’s nothing worse than feeling insecure about yourself, and then realizing your skin is struggling as well. Make sure you consume healthy fats daily, like fish and lean meats. Vegetables and fruits are full of antioxidants and anti aging properties that do wonders for our skin. Steer clear of foods high in salt, as high sodium intake can land itself right there on our double chin and hang on tight. Hydrate yourself with at least 8 glasses of water per day!

If you’ve ever gained a little bit of weight and found that most of it went to your face, you weren’t exaggerating! This is true life for those of us with rounder faces. Keep the excess weight off, and your face and body will always look healthy and beautiful. Round faces are desired by many, but really taken for granted by those who have them. Keep these tips and tricks in your pocket for a rainy day, but always remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are!

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