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7 Ways To Wear White This Spring

Undeniably, springtime makes you think of materials that are clean and crisp, airy and bright. That’s why white is on trend for spring 2019. White is so versatile; you can dress it up or down, wear it to the office or on your wedding day. We won’t lie and say that white is always easy to wear. Though white may look easy to rock in the catalogs, sometimes we’re not sure exactly how to make white flattering on us. We promise that after Let’s take a look at 7 ways to wear white this spring!

White Clothing Spring 2019
Image from Pinterest

1. White Jumpsuit

The first ever jumpsuit was created in 1919 as a practical outfit for skydiving and parachuting. It was created by a Florentine artist named Thayat. Today, we have Thayat to thank for this versatile piece. Everyone can rock a white jumpsuit on a breezy evening date night. A white jumpsuit is just the epitome of chic. This type of outfit flatters every size and shape, and is super versatile. No matter your figure and size, because there are so many designs of white jumpsuits, we’ll easily find the right one for you.

If you’re more of a full figured gal, there are certain types of jumpsuits that flatter your body more than others. A straight legged jumpsuit works better than a skinny leg fit, and is much more comfortable. With a large bust, you’ll want to avoid a tube top type fit, and opt for a thicker tank on top. We love the wide leg and high neckline like the image above.

2. White Pants

There’s really nothing quite as breezy and fresh as a pair of crisp white pants. White pants are effortlessly chic, and make your outfit look perfectly put together. You can dress them down while out shopping with a basic tee and cute flats, or pair them with a gorgeous blouse for a chic office look. White pants are the perfect party or date night item, too, when paired with a sexy top and heels.

We’re loving the high waisted wide leg pants right now! And they are loving us. This type of pant works with any body and figure. Whether you’re curvy or not, a high waist accentuates curves where they need to be accentuated. You can find pants that have a stretch waist band too, tightening the abdominal area and making you look even more flattering.

3. Little White Dress

Little White Dress
Image from Fashion Gum

The little white dress is a classic piece that is super versatile. This season is all about white! A little white dress can be innocent, laid-back, or sexy! We love the little eyelet pieces that are perfect for a breezy evening stroll, and the delicate details only a white dress can show. You can find a little white dress in a soft basic material and pair it with some white trainers for a cute youthful look you can wear anywhere. A sexy little white dress can be the perfect piece for a night out clubbing.

4. The White Pantsuit

This FLAWLESSLY effortless outfit has been spotted on celebrities and models alike. The pantsuit is no longer just for the office! A white pantsuit is clean and modern, screams confidence, and is even … dare I say it … comfortable! We love it with a sexy, lacy top underneath. If you’re feeling brave, you can skip the top altogether and embrace the plunge.

You’ll look oh so chic at the office, and when your girls call you out after work you won’t need to go home and change because this outfit easily goes from day to night. Just stain those lips with some red or a vampy violet and you’re ready to go!

5. White Denim

White Denim
Image from Pinterest
White Jeans Spring 2019
Image from MissPrettyPink

We loooove denim! Those of us that are 90’s kids remember white denim all too well, and are ecstatic to see it coming back into style. It can be the perfect outfit for a weekend getaway at the beach, or a Sunday out shopping around downtown. White denim jeans are casual yet dressy, and require no effort or discomfort. A stretchy denim can be an even more comfortable option if you’re out all day. White denim jackets are super cute and can be brought out on a chilly spring evening to throw on top of an adorable dress. You can even do an all white denim outfit. Looks incredible on a tan.

6. White Circle Skirt 

White Skirt
Image from The Fashion Tag

A delicate white circle skirt cannot be anymore feminine and gorgeous! We think a full skirt looks best when paired with a tighter fitting shirt, but love the flowy silhouette in the photo above. Again, this is one of those pieces you can either dress up or down. A more basic material can work during the day to wear while running errands or heading to class. 

7. White Workout Clothes

OK, everybody and their mother loves workout clothes! Leggings are everywhere right now, and are a supermodel’s go-to “off duty” look. They’re flattering on every figure, and today they’re so popular that you can find several different styles and colors that suit you and your personality. We are loving the white workout clothing this spring because it looks especially clean!

With sexy white and gray shades like these, it’s easy to take this outfit from the gym to lunch with your date. Simply let your hair down and touch up your makeup, and you are ready to go!

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