10 Best Christmas Gifts For Men

Have you ever asked the man in your life what he wants as a gift and gotten the response “nothing”? Well, don’t fall for it, it’s a lie! A white lie perhaps, but there’s always something that he wants, let’s make that clear! It’s not always clear what that thing is, but we’ve got a pretty good list of ideas for you to help you out with your shopping!

My husband is the type of man who will buy everyone in his family things they need first, and forget about himself. When reminded he needs certain items, he will just shrug it off because everyone else is a bigger priority to him. That’s why it’s important for me to make him see that HE’S a big priority to ME, too!

Throughout the year I try to listen to the things he talks about. It’s not always easy to remember when there are a million other things happening in the background (poopy diapers, screaming kiddos, dinner in the oven, bills on the table) but it’s important to remember to listen as much as we can. And when he opens up that gift around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, he’ll look up at me and say “Wow! You were listening!” That’ll be a good feeling. It’s always nice to feel heard!

So here you go guys, a brilliant list of the 10 best Christmas gifts for men, things men will actually like and not just put away in the back of the storage closet or garage.

1. Bottle of Aged Cognac

Remy Martin aged cognac Louis XIII
Image: Caskers

Now we’re not big drinkers here any more, however this gorgeous aged cognac can be ready to come out for a celebration. This Remy Martin Louis XIII was first created in 1874. He’ll be so impressed you know anything about cognac, and can bring it out on poker night with the guys, or New Year’s Eve.

Buy it here: https://www.caskers.com/remy-martin-louis-xiii-cognac-the-miniature-edition

2. Sunglasses

It may be winter time, but that doesn’t mean the sun’s not shining! A quality pair of shades have never disappointed anyone. These Tom Ford sunnies are fancy enough for a suited outfit, but not too fancy so he can still wear them out fishing, hunting, hiking or any other outdoor activity.

Tom Ford men’s sunglasses
Image: Nordstrom

Buy them here: https://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/tom-ford-morgan-57mm-polarized-sunglasses

3. Sneakers

Shoes need to be replaced every so often. Ladies replace their shoes frequently, so why shouldn’t men? Why not indulge the man in your life with some new soles? I love these Nikes because they’re sleek yet comfortable, interesting but still mature and not childish. If he’s the outdoorsy type, or if he’s on his feet all day, his feet will definitely thank you.

Nike lebron soldier sneakers

Image: Pinterest

Buy them here: https://www.nike.com

4. Cuff Links

For the fancy man in your life, dress him up with these beauties by Gucci. If he wears dress shirts to work, cuff links are a must. And while most cuff links are pretty boring, these will stand out and still look sophisticated and stylish.

Gucci men’s cuff links
Image: Gucci

Buy them here: https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/jewelry-watches/fashion-jewelry/fashion-cufflinks/snake-cufflinks-with-crystals

5. Drone

With this DJI Mavic Mini drone, he can enjoy an abundance of flight time thanks to its high capacity battery. It’s not going to be just fun for him either, as the kiddos will likely join in and have tons of fun watching him fly it.

DJI Mavic Mini drone
Image: Best Buy

Buy it here: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/dji-mavic-mini-quadcopter-with-remote-controller-gray

6. Wireless Charging Pad

Bid farewell to wires with this wireless charging pad from Belkin, for iPhone and iWatch. My husband is a simple man and a minimalist. If yours is similar he’ll love not having cords to get tangled in. This is such a sleek yet practical design, it’ll look so good on a nightstand or desk.

Belkin boost up wireless charging
Image: Best Buy

Buy now at: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/belkin-boost-up-wireless-charging-dock-for-iphone-and-apple-watch-white

7. Slippers

Simple, comforting, inexpensive. For under $25 have these shipped to your door. Slippers are one of those comfy home necessities. Back from work, shoes come off, slippers go on! Slippers are one of the most inexpensive yet best Christmas gifts for men.

Men’s slippers dimore Amazon
Image: Amazon

Buy here: https://www.amazon.com/Fleece-Memory-Slippers-Indoor-Outdoor

8. Wallet

Does he have a beat up wallet he’s been carrying around for decades? Replace it with this gorgeous high quality Burberry checkered wallet for men.

Burberry checkered men’s wallet
Image: Burberry

Buy it here: https://us.burberry.com/london-checkleather-passport-holder

9. Microbrewery Kit

Here’s a gift for the man who loves A: beer and B: making stuff. It’ll be a blast to watch him become a beer scientist in the kitchen making his homemade brews. He’ll be so proud of what he’s created, and guess what? You reap the benefits by being the “taste tester”. This gift will make for a very merry Christmas!

Microbrew Kit craft beer
Image: northern brewer

Get one here: https://www.northernbrewer.com/collections/beer-brewing-equipment-starter-kits/products/limited-edition-northern-brewer-craft-beer-making-gift-set

10. Face Exfoliating Wash

And finally, even though he’s a tough man, he loves having a silky smooth face, and you love when he has a silky smooth face. With Murad, results are proven and the line won’t break your wallet.

Murad exfoliating cleanser
Image: Murad

Buy it here: https://www.murad.com/product/aha-bha-exfoliating-cleanser-professional-size

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