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10 Ways to Save Money at Lowe’s Or Home Depot

Saving money on tools and supplies for home improvement projects is important, the costs of the project can increase substantially at any moment. We have some ways you can save money while shopping at Lowe’s, Home Depot or any home repair store.

Most home improvement stores have a large range of appliances, garden equipment, tools, materials and everything else you need to start your project.

Some days I have to make multiple trips back and forth on a project because I forgot something. It becomes a true time and money waster. Your loved one will feel the pain every time you’ll have to tell them “Honey, I have to go back to Home Depot again”. But I digress.

Back to saving you money at Home Depot, Lowe’s or any other home improvement store. Here are the top 10 ways we found you can spend less and get more.

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1. Get $10 off $50 Purchase with Your Email

Sign up for emails through their website. They will send you deals and coupons and let you know what is in season and on sale. Keep an eye out because those coupons expire.

2. Take Advantage of Price Match

They don’t like to share this bit of information, but they will fight over each other to keep you as a customer. They will match competitors advertised prices, however they are specific which competitors they will allow. In some cases they might even drop the price another 10% lower than the competitors. Now thats a good deal, and only takes a quick second to search before you check out.

3. Competitors’ Coupons

Now this will depend on which home improvement store you go to, but generally the funny thing is Lowe’s and Home Depot will accept each others coupons. This goes back to the price matching, they would rather keep you as a customer then let you go. The reason is, you save some money on one item but you still go shopping at there store for a bunch of others you might need too. That’s a retention business strategy that is used by big business frequently.

4. Discounted Gift Cards

Shoppers have the ability to buy discounted Lowe’s or Home Depot gift cards from various location, one of my favorite stores being Costco.

This one is a guaranteed win since you get value when you make the purchase of the gift card. Just make sure you use the full balance and nothing is left on the card to be lost and forgotten.

5. Movers Coupon

Sign up for free with the US Post Office. You get a movers booklet with a bunch of coupons. In some cases you can even go to your local post office and pick one up. They contain a single use coupon saving 10% or 10$ off a $50 purchase. They have coupons for other stores as well which is worth taking a look at.

6.  Ask for a discount

Be relatable and reasonable when asking for a discount. Maybe the item isn’t in good shape, or maybe the item is discontinued. Give them a reason why maybe you feel like your not getting a fair price on that item. Maybe you’re buying some lumber and some pieces are warped or chipped. Keep it simple and be nice. Don’t demand a discount because you feel like you deserve it. They have the ability to give you up to a $50 discount without even running it by the manager for approval.

7. Online Coupons

A quick search online for coupons might save you some money. Find and print any and all coupons. Even if it belongs to the competitors store, they might honor it saving you 10% 20% or more!

8. Buy in Bulk

Buy more, save more. Stores will give a better discount on larger purchases, perfect when tackling bigger job sites. Buying all material at once not only saves you a trip, but saves money when you buy in bulk. Always ask for help and see if a bulk discount is available. In some cases a “Contractors Pack” is available that has better price per unit.

9. Get Up to 65% – 90% off with Sidewalk Sales

Check the clearance sections, or ask for when the next sidewalk sales will be. Each year they clear out their inventory that holds previously damaged or customer return items. They place the unsold items on clearance shelves with major discounts. People would buy and resell these same items on Amazon or eBay and make money. Or use the items if you need, and tell all your friends the great deal you got. I know someone who bought 100 sprinkler heads for 1 penny each. I’m not sure why or if he truly needed them, in any case what a deal!

10. Save 10% With A Military Discount

The Military discount is a program that honors our Veterans and the families of those who have served. You can expect the program to give discounts of up to 10% off all purchases just by showing your military ID.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, your local home improvement store has a great selection of tools, materials, supplies and more at already affordable prices. But with these money saving tips you can keep even more money in your pocket, and spend it on your next project.

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