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5 Easy Ways to Eat Clean on the Weekend

Weekends are supposed to be no work and all play! But if you’re on a diet and trying to lose weight, it can be difficult to stay on track. So how do we go out and let loose without straying too far from our diet and without sabotaging all the progress we’ve made through the week? Letting the weekend get the best of you can leave you sluggish and a few pounds heavier on Monday, and we don’t want that. Here are 5 ways to eat clean… even on the weekend!

1. Eat A Healthy Breakfast!

For years nutritionists have advised of the health benefits pertaining to breakfast. Consuming a healthy breakfast in the morning can set you up for your entire day. Studies show that eating breakfast first thing in the morning decreases hunger and cravings throughout the day. A balanced breakfast will keep you energized and full until lunchtime. Plus, eating a balanced breakfast can help you get in your recommended daily dose of veggies, fruits, and calcium.

You may think you feel good and full after a cup of coffee, and that’s because coffee is a natural appetite suppressant. Read more about natural appetite suppressants here. 

Missing breakfast will leave you feeling dragging arse or maybe a little too wound up on coffee. But soon that caffeine will wear off, and your metabolism will slow down and you’ll realize that you’re starving! And when you’re starving, well, you’re much more likely to make poor choices when it comes to what you eat.

2. Don’t Stray From Routine.

It’s really easy to fall off the usual routine during the weekend. Maybe you sleep in a little longer than usual, or you have plans to go out to eat when you normally cook yourself breakfast. Whatever the case is, try to keep your routine as structured as possible. That means if you wake up every weekday morning and go for a jog, don’t stop jogging weekends either. If you know you have plans to go eat out, make sure you eat something small at home. You could make yourself a meal replacement shake, or a quick healthy bite to eat before you head out the door.

A lack of routine throws us off big time. The best way to lose weight and stay healthy is to stay consistent. You must modify your life once and for all, and never look back. Keep your weekends just as structured as your weekdays and you’ll keep progressing the way you have been.

3. Go Grocery Shopping On Friday.

Stock up on healthy food before your weekend hits, and when you open the refrigerator you’ll have tons of healthy food options to choose from. This will help you avoid ordering in some greasy Chinese food if you get really hungry, you’ll easily be able to access healthy goodies.

Great options to pack into your shopping cart are staple vegetables that are versatile like lettuce, spinach, and kale. These three greens can be sautéed, eaten fresh, added to a sandwich- you name it. Choose some staple fruits to keep in your fridge as well, like berries, bananas and apples. Whip up an easy protein smoothie, or add them into your oatmeal for breakfast. Whole grain bread, wheat tortillas, beans, and eggs are versatile additions, and dairy items like milk and cheese can be added to a variety of dishes. Just make sure you have healthy foods at arm’s length, so you don’t go reaching for something unhealthy!

4. Watch Out For Sneaky Calories In Alcohol.

Thinking of drinking this weekend? Thinking alcohol won’t affect your weight loss efforts? Think again! Clean eating means clean drinking, too. Do you know how many calories are in the beverage you’re about to enjoy? Here’s what you need to know about alcohol and weight gain!

First of all, alcohol causes weight gain just because of its calories. On average, a beer contains about 300 calories. And it’s the weekend right, so why stop at just one? If you’re relaxing with your friends at an afternoon get together and you’ve had three beers, you’ve consumed 900 calories. The recommended calorie intake for women is 2,000 calories per day, and for men it’s 2,500 calories per day. For a woman who is trying to lose a pound of weight a week, the recommended daily calorie intake drops to 1,500. That means if you’re a woman trying to lose a bit of weight and you’ve consumed 3 beers you can only have 600 calories of food for the entire day!

What we’re saying is, watch out! These calories are sneaky, and they accumulate fast. Aside from the calories in alcoholic beverages, there’s another thing to remember. Alcohol is an appetite stimulant. When you’re consuming alcohol you must realize that you’re going to binge eat a bit, and it likely won’t be on the healthy stuff. Come to your gatherings prepared; have a healthy meal ahead of time to avoid overeating, and drink within reason.

5. Order Healthy Options Off The Menu.

How can you maintain your healthy diet while going out to eat at a restaurant? Easy, stick to healthy options from the menu. Even if your date or your friends are ordering junk food, you have the choice to stay consistent. But since we know it’s hard to eat healthy when you’re the only one, here are a few tips.

Always eat something before you go out. It seems unreasonable to get full prior to eating at a restaurant, especially if it’s a special occasion and you really want to enjoy the experience, but getting full is not the objective. You should eat a small healthy bite before going out to prevent you from ordering something you’ll regret when you’re starving. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates appetite and promotes fat storage. It’s released when we’re hungry. When we’re starving the hormone ghrelin has a negative effect on impulse control and decision making; meaning once we’re in that state of mind we won’t be choosing the healthiest option on the menu. So don’t let it get to that! Eat a small meal, or drink a smoothie before heading out. Get some easy healthy smoothie ideas here!

It’s easy to veer off the tracks of dieting and eating clean when you’re not prepared. When you’re prepared it’s easier to stick to a healthy routine. Try these tips the next time your weekend rolls around!

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