10 Things You Need To Try In Cannon Beach, Oregon

Most beaches along the Oregon coast are rather modest, but Cannon Beach is a bit on the wealthier side, offering many attractions, shops, and things to do! If you’ve wanted to visit Cannon Beach and need some help planning your trip, we’ve got a list of 10 things you NEED to try in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

1. Check out Haystack Rock 

Cannon Beach Travel
Image from Arch Cape Inn
Starfish Haystack Rock
Image from Hiking Project

Towering at 235 feet tall, Haystack Rock is an incredibly beautiful rock formation and a famous land mark of Cannon Beach. Haystack Rock is home to a multitude of coastal wildlife. This area allows the easiest access to tide pools for sea life viewing! Optimal time to be in the intertidal area is  about an hour before low tide.  Check out the vivid star fish on the rocks, crabs, coral, and other marine creatures!

2. Visit and explore Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park Travel Cannon Beach
Image from State Parks

Ecola Park offers post card views of the Pacific Ocean, lots of hiking trails, and beach access. For just $5 per vehicle, you can spend the whole day here and not regret a single moment. Grab your waterproof hiking boots, and explore the trails. Walk down to the beach and get your feet wet, bring a picnic and check out the view from above.

3. Go razor clamming, and cook up your fresh meal in your hotel room

Clamming Cannon Beach
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Clamming is popular in Cannon Beach, Seaside, and Gearhart. Most of Oregon’s clamming occurs in these areas. You’ll need a shellfish license for anyone over the age of 13 years old, and a few supplies like a narrow shovel or a clam gun. You should wear boots and bring a bag or bucket with you to store your catch in! Create a vibration in the sand by tapping your shovel on the sand and the clams should come up! You now have fresh seafood for dinner once you return to your hotel room.

4. Grab a pint at Pelican Brewing Co and watch the sunset

Pelican Brewing Co Cannon Beach
Image from Pelican Brewing

Pelican Brewing Co is an Oregon coast staple. It started in one city and spread around the Oregon coast. Right on the beach at Cannon beach, Pelican Brewing Co has an incredible menu and 20 unique brews available on tap year round.

5. Stroll through the surf and gift shops

Cannon Beach Shopping
Image from Coast Explorer

Surf shops, wine tasting, art galleries, and candy stores- Cannon Beach has something for everyone! Enjoy the local cafes, spas, and bakeries. Take a day to check out all the shops and get yourself a few goodies to remember the trip by!

6. Eat lunch at Ecola Seafood Restaurant and Market

Seafood Cannon Beach
Image from Yelp

You can’t visit Cannon Beach and not try the clam chowder at Ecola Seafood Restaurant and Market. Enjoy a hot bowl on a bench table in their outdoor seating area. Once you’re done, grab a few premium seafood items for dinner. Crab cakes, fresh crab legs, clams, and battered fish and chips….. they’ve got it all!

7. Rent and ride a FUNcycle with the family

Cannon Beach Funcycles
Image from TripAdvisor

Fun for the whole family! Explore the coast on a FUNCycle; check out Haystack Rock and the sea life in the tide pools. Cycle from one side of the coast to the other! The rental default time is 1.5 hours, perfect for a good work out and exciting adventure.

8. Watch glass blowing at Icefire Glassworks

Glass Blowing Cannon Beach
Image from Little black pearl

Take some time to admire the different glass vases and designs at Icefire Glassworks. You can even watch the artists as they work, turning molten glass into gorgeous works of art.

9. Fly a kite

Kite Flying Oregon Coast
Image from Allison Turcotte

Once Upon A Breeze, a kite shop in Cannon Beach, opened in 1975 and is one of the oldest kite shops in Oregon state. Flying a kite will be so nostalgic, you’ll remember your childhood and the kids will have a blast picking out their favorite high quality kites from the huge selection at this shop!

10. Nothing. 

Relax Beach
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What? That’s right, do nothing. Roll out a blanket onto the warm sand, take a seat, and admire one of the most beautiful sights on the planet- the roaring Pacific ocean. Breathe in the salty fresh air, and dip your feet (or jump!) into the crisp blue waves. Cannon Beach is a magical escape from everyday life.

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