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1 Way To Fight Cellulite With Coffee

We all know coffee is magical. There’s nothing like a cup of joe to kick your butt into gear when you’re exhausted in the morning. It wakes you up and leaves you refreshed and ready for the day! Not that you need another reason to love coffee, but it’s also an amazing exfoliant and can even improve your skin and fight cellulite! Two words- coffee scrub!

Ingredients you’ll need for the scrub:
1 cup coffee grounds
1/2 cup white or brown sugar
1 cup coconut oil

Now mix the ingredients together and take a shower or bath. Massage the scrub into your problem areas. Because this mixture is so gentle, you can even use it to exfoliate your face. The coconut oil will leave your skin silky soft, and if used regularly you’ll soon see an improvement in your cellulite! Thanks coffee!

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