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10 Things That Affect Your Looks

Ladies, are you making excuses for not liking the way you look? Are you blaming everything and everyone besides yourself? It’s time to take a moment and recognize that perhaps you’re doing something detrimental to your looks. Here are 10 things that affect your looks. Some may surprise you!

1. Using dirty makeup sponges/brushes 

Dirty makeup sponge
Image from bustle

What’s the big deal? It already has makeup on it, and I’m using the same shade anyway….Wrong! Uncleaned makeup applicators store bacteria, old dry makeup, and dead skin cells on them. When you prep ‘n prime your face you want to use clean applicators. Failure to do so will result in cake face, roughness, and skin allergies!

2. Forgetting the sunscreen. 

Crows Feet Sunscreen

Glowing skin is in, and so is a gorgeous tan…but wrinkles are not. Don’t skip the sunscreen application after you moisturize! The sun’s harmful rays are aging your skin big time if you’re forgetting to apply sunscreen, even on a cloudy day!

3. Not drinking enough water. 

Photo by Snapwire

Your skin is an organ with cells that are made up of water. It craves the hydration the way any other organ does. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will not only make you look refreshed, but you’ll feel more energetic, too. Your skin will be smoother, and clearer!

4. Not eating clean. 

assorted sliced fruits in white ceramic bowl
Photo by Trang Doan

You are what you eat. Maintaining a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables, healthy fats, and legumes and leafy greens instead of fast food or frozen pizza will clear up your skin, smooth it, and glow it up from within.

5. Touching your face throughout the day.

Face Touching
Image from prosekpartners

This isn’t one that’s talked about enough. Do you find yourself sitting at your desk and resting your face on your hands? Do you realize you just touched the phone, keyboard, and mouse before you touched your face? Touching your face a lot throughout the day leads to breakouts and bacteria getting into your skin. Bad hand!

6. Washing your hair everyday. 

Image from the telegraph

Us ladies with the fine hair know how painful it is to skip a shampoo and come in to work or school looking like a greaser. But the truth is, if you’re trying to grow out your hair or thicken it, washing it daily will slow down the process dramatically. The good news is over time your hair will get used to not being washed as frequently, and stay “cleaner” looking longer. Also, skip the blow dry once in a while!

7. Picking at/popping your pimples. 

Pimple Picking
Image from Acne

Oh no no no… you have a whitehead on your chin and you NEED to pop it before you go out. Did you know that picking at and popping pimples creates scarring? Scarring is not easy or cheap to get rid of, and sometimes even impossible. Scarring isn’t the only thing you should worry about though, because picking at wounds on your skin opens the door to bacteria and infections. So stop picking and popping pimples; wash and tone instead, and apply an acne medication on top. The blemish will be gone before you know it.

8. Wearing Tight Ponies 

Tight Ponytail
Image from Behind the chair

Let your hair down when you can, especially if you don’t have a full hairline to begin with. Over time, wearing your hair in a tight pony, bun, or braids will cause hair loss and sometimes it can be permanent.

9. Not catching enough Zzz’s. 

woman lying down
Photo by Hy Aan

At 16 we could go 72 hours without sleep if we had to. These days not getting adequate sleep SHOWS on your face. Wrinkles, dark circles, and sagging skin increase the less sleep you get. Lack of sleep ages you dramatically.

10. Bad posture. 

Bad posture
Image from Pinterest

Bad posture leads to backache, double chin, outward gut… it’s just not attractive! Good posture exudes confidence and confidence is sexy!

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