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5 Ways To Get Stronger Healthier Nails

If you’ve ever found yourself envious of your friends’ long, naturally healthy nails, you’re not alone. Many women suffer from weak, brittle nails that chip and break easily. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your nails healthier and stronger, and we’ll show you how! Here are 5 ways to stronger, more beautiful nails:

1. Take your vitamins. 

Biotin, which is also known as Vitamin B7, is one of the most important vitamins to incorporate into your daily life if you want to see a dramatic improvement in your nail health. Biotin aids in healthy nail growth by promoting cell growth and protein building amino acids.

2. Change your diet. 

Integrate nail-healthy foods into your diet! Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to strong nails. Produce such as avocado, salmon, nuts, and dairy are full of natural biotin.

3. Use cuticle oil. 

Cuticle oil helps strengthen your nails. Ulta carries a great strengthener and conditioner for just $8.50 called CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner.

4. Don’t bite!

This one is a no-brainer, but oh-so-tricky to achieve for those of us who are nail-biters. Keep your nails manicured and polished to avoid chewing on them as much!

5. Avoid excess exposure to water. 

When you need to expose your hands to water, try to remember to wear gloves, like when you’re washing dishes or working in the garden. Excess exposure to water weakens your nails and causes brittleness.

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