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10 Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have been less of a trend and more of a necessity over the past five years. How did we evolve from sewing hair into our lashes (yes that did happen), to coming out of an eyelash extension appointment looking like supermodels? The Parisians used to create false lashes by sewing hair into their eyelashes, and they didn’t even use anesthetic. Then in the late 19th century strip eyelashes lashed out across Europe, and more recently we’ve learned how to create semi permanent lashes that appear totally natural.

Today lashes have become an everyday accessory. You’ll see a woman with eyelash extensions at least once a day, no matter where you go. Most of the time however, you won’t be able to tell that she has eyelash extensions, unless you are a professional. But with every salon service, it can’t all be rainbows and butterflies right? After all, we’ve probably heard a couple horror stories from women who eventually gave up eyelash extensions.

I was one of these women, who instantly became addicted to eyelash extensions after having them applied once for my wedding day. I felt so effortlessly pretty right after leaving the salon that it was like a high. Then I watched lash by lash fall out, and by week 3 I was begging my lash artist to get me in asap! As a woman who was blessed with naturally long eyelashes, I couldn’t understand why these eyelash extensions had me in such a trance.

Very soon I learned that like most services, eyelash extensions had their pros and cons. But it wasn’t until a year and a half later that I was finally brave enough to ditch the eyelash extensions. It definitely wasn’t easy! But I feel compelled to let you wonderful ladies know what these pros and cons are. If you’re thinking about getting eyelash extensions- then keep reading to learn the 10 pros and cons of eyelash extensions.


1. They’re Beautiful.

Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons
Image: Voga Salon

This is pretty obvious, and it’s the reason why eyelash extensions are so popular. They look absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never met a woman who’s dream was to have short stubby eyelashes, it’s just not a thing.

2. You Don’t Need Makeup.

Applying makeup every morning can be quite the chore. With mascara application, you need to wait a while before curling your lashes and before applying a second or third coat. Sometimes mascara just doesn’t do the job, either. Women with short lashes can get a boost from their mascara, but often times the eyelashes are still short. That’s why eyelash extensions are an amazing alternative. Eyelash extensions require no makeup, which leads us to pro #3.

3. They Speed Up Our Routine.

Eyelash Extensions Getting Ready
Image: Bustle

When you have eyelash extensions, you can skip makeup and still look super put together, and even pretty. Eyelash extensions let us embrace our natural side because we’re more confident to leave the house without make up on. I know that’s how I felt when I had them. This speeds up our routine in the morning getting ready for work, and when we have a date we can apply minimal makeup and head out the door looking beautiful. Eyelash extensions truly are effortless, and the time saved on getting ready makes them worth it.

4. They Look More Natural Than Most Strip Lashes.

If you’re anything like me, you had trouble apply falsies, or you just didn’t like the way they looked. Most of the time I can tell when a woman is wearing false eyelashes, which isn’t a bad thing, but it just wasn’t my thing. They always felt a little too heavy for me, and seemed to droop my eyelids. Perhaps the reason was because false lashes didn’t look good on my eye shape, or maybe I was picking up the wrong kinds at the store. But for whatever reason, false strip lashes just didn’t work for me.

When I first tried eyelash extensions, I was amazed at how natural they looked and felt. Nobody knew that I had them done, and everyone complimented me on my eyes. Plus, the natural look is super in at the moment, and it was nice to feel “naturally” beautiful.

5. They’re Great For Events.

Eyelash Extensions Pros
Image: Brides

So the reason I initially tried eyelash extensions was because I was getting married. I gave them a trial run a few weeks before my wedding day, and I knew from then on that I didn’t want to live without them. On my wedding day I didn’t have to worry about them unsticking at the inner corners of my eyes, drooping, or falling out onto my face. I knew that I could trust that these lashes would stay on all day and night and knew that they looked beautiful. They did what they were meant to do, and on my wedding day when I had all these other things to worry about, my eyelashes were not one of them.

Now all good things must come to an end… Eyelash extensions are no exception. We already know the great benefits of eyelash extensions, so now we must explore the cons.

6. They’re High Maintenance.

Oh yeah, where eyelash extensions save time getting ready in the morning, they also take a ton of time out of your schedule for the full set application and fills. The initial appointment takes about an hour and a half. Most women have to go back into the salon every 2-3 weeks to have their eyelashes filled. And while this appointment is generally shorter than the initial one, if you don’t comply with the 2-3 week rule, you’ll be charged for the full set again. It’s extremely time consuming to get your eyelashes done twice a month, especially if you’re a busy woman juggling work, kids, school, and what have you.

7. They’re Expensive.

Cost Expensive Eyelash Extensions
Image: Singsaver

The initial full set of eyelash extensions will cost you anywhere between $135 to $300 and up, with $135 being on the very low end. Each appointment after that is usually about $55 and up. Essentially your first month of lashes can cost you up to $355. That’s insane!

When I had my eyelash extensions, I worked a very high paying full time job, but also these prices were lower because my eyelash technician was just starting out. I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to continue getting them done if the prices were as high as they are today, and it’s only been a couple of years. It’s safe to say that eyelash extensions are in high demand, and the prices are likely to go up even higher, especially depending on location.

8. Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes.

This is a hard con for me to admit, because for a long time I was in denial about this. I mentioned earlier that I was one of those women blessed with naturally long, black eyelashes. When I applied mascara and when my eyelashes were curled, they were incredible! But of course, I took them for granted. Shortly after my eyelash extensions fell out, I looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. My eyelashes were the shortest they’d ever been in my life, and they were colorless. For a long time mascara and eyelash curlers just did NOT make a difference. I hated what I saw.

So I kept going back because I needed to feel pretty again, and I just didn’t feel attractive with my natural eyelashes anymore. But my eyelash technician would tell me that eyelash extensions ruining natural lashes was only a myth, and only happened if the technician doing them royally messed up. So I trusted her, and in my own denial figured maybe my lashes just shrunk because when compared to the extensions, the extensions were so much fuller. One look at an old photograph of my eyelashes and I knew that this was a lie.

Unfortunately anybody that tells you eyelash extensions don’t damage your natural eyelashes, is lying. I lived it, and so did countless other women. Here’s the thing: eyelash extensions don’t work for everyone. If you don’t have long or strong enough natural eyelashes to begin with, the extensions have no lash to adhere to, and your technician will tell you that you’re not a candidate. This is one of the main reasons women finally decide to stop getting the extensions. Because after a while, if you have no natural lashes, eyelash extensions are also out of the question. And then you’re left with nothing.

9. Allergies, Ocular Hyperemia, Itch, And Pain.

Eyelash Extensions Complications
Image: Health Magazine

Many women experience not so beautiful reactions to eyelash extensions. Sometimes it can be the glue, the product, or improper sanitation and sterilization techniques. I, myself, experienced ocular hyperemia, or eye redness each time I had mine done and it lasted the first few days. I also experienced eyelid swelling, which is very common as well.

Eyelash extensions are extremely popular in Japan. One study published in the Japanese Journal of Hygiene noted that 25% of women who had eyelash extensions reported health issues. These complications consisted of itchy swollen eyelids, ocular hyperemia, and pain. Other complications include infection like pink eye, primarily when eyelashes trap bacteria and dirt. Some women experience allergic reactions, and some even lose all their eyelashes.

10. It Can Be Tough Finding A Good Artist.

Because eyelash extensions are all the rage, there are a LOT of eyelash technicians trying to make a buck. They’re smart, because this is a huge business to get into. The issue customers are faced with is finding a good artist. A poor eyelash extension job can do serious, sometimes irreversible damage to your eyes and eyelashes. It’s important to find a high quality salon that practices good hygiene and has experienced technicians.

Do some digging; go online and read reviews. When you schedule your appointment, find out how long the technician has been doing his or her job. Essentially, this is a health procedure and you need to make sure you are confident in your eyelash technician.

Natural Eyelashes
Image: Shuttershock

So now that we know the pros and cons of eyelash extensions, it is up to us to decide if they are worth getting. We all know beauty sometimes comes with pain. Anything from cosmetic tattooing to waxing to piercing comes with its own risks, but we’ll do almost anything for beauty. While it’s ok to take risks, it’s extremely important to know the risks associated with any procedure before jumping in, and to have all the facts before making a decision about your health. So do your research, weigh your options, read reviews, look at photos, and always remember that you are beautiful from the inside out.

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