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5 Ways To Look Thinner By Tonight

Weight loss takes patience; the pounds don’t just fall off. It takes grueling exercise routines, and consistent healthy eating patterns to lose weight the healthy proper way. Time, energy, and patience are all key to successfully get into better shape. If you burn 1,000 calories a day running, you’ll lose 20 pounds in about 10 weeks. That’s almost three months. You’d have to run for about an hour everyday at 8 miles per hour to lose around 1,000 calories.

We all know there isn’t a miracle pill or wrap that can drop 20 pounds for you in an instant. But what if you have a party to go to tonight and you want to look your best, but you just don’t have that three months of time to get into better shape? What if you’ve already started training and adopted healthier eating habits, but there just isn’t enough time to lose the weight you want?

Well we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to “instant results”. Here are 5 ways to look thinner…Not three months from now, not three weeks from now…but NOW!

1. Reduce The Bloat

Reduce Bloating
Image: Very Well

If you want to look nice tomorrow, pay attention to what you eat today. What’s one thing that makes a thin woman appear to have a beer gut? You guessed it- a bloated belly. They’re the worst. Not only is bloat uncomfortable, but it’s extremely difficult to hide. It can even manifest itself in your face, and make you appear puffy. So what causes the dreaded bloat?

Belly bloating is usually caused by excess gas, or some sort of disturbance in your digestive system, primarily in the muscle movement. It can be caused by a variety of things. Typically the issue arises when air or gas fills the gastrointestinal tract. Usually bloat is caused by the foods that you eat, some foods produce more gas than others. You may also feel bloated after eating your meal too quickly. Eating too fast can cause you to swallow too much air; the same thing happens when you chew gum or smoke.

Other factors that may be causing your bloat are constipation, overeating, weight gain, and reflux. Certain medical conditions can exasperate bloating symptoms. You should check with your doctor if you experience any severe symptoms such as fever or bleeding in conjunction with excess bloating.

How do we avoid the bloat? It can really be as simple as avoiding foods that are known to cause bloating such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, beans, turnips, and lentils. Forget about ordering that burrito if you want to look slimmer this weekend. Aside from foods, you should also avoid certain drinks if you don’t want to feel bloated. Carbonated beverages, soda pop, and champagne all contribute to bloating. Don’t consume dairy products if you feel you might be lactose intolerant because a food allergy can also be causing you to feel bloated. Lastly, enjoy your food and don’t eat too quickly. Bloat be gone!

2. Slip Into Some Shape Wear

Shapewear Look Thinner
Image: The Cut

Shape wear is an incredible invention. Shape wear gives us the confidence to wear pieces we didn’t think we could wear. It can tone areas that need it, and it can accentuate curves that are not there. However this magic works, we like it! And we’re not ashamed to wear it either. And neither are celebrities. Celebrities everywhere are rocking and promoting waist trainers as a fashion accessory.

When shape wear is cut and sewn together, designers are able to pinpoint accurately just where curves should be, and where the body needs to be slimmed. This makes for a perfectly flattering figure! Just beware, if your shape wear is on the skimpier side, you may notice back rolls or a muffin top where you don’t want it.

How exactly does shape wear work? It squeezes and constricts the fat, much like how when you push your hands on your belly it makes you appear thinner. And when the shape wear is designed the way it was meant to be, your fat goes to more flattering parts of your body such as your cleavage or butt. But there’s one but.. is it safe?

Honestly there are contradicting reports. Some reports went on to say that wearing shape wear causes blood clotting, breathing issues, and acid reflux. While other studies suggest that shape wear can even be beneficial for our health; that it stimulates circulation and provides support to our muscles.

What kinds of shape wear is there to choose from? Today, you can get your hands on anything for every figure and body type. There’s shape wear for strapless dresses, and plunging necklines, and shape wear for skirts. You can even find shaping jeans. If you wear it properly it can take as much as 1-2 inches off your figure…instantly!

3. Practice Good Posture

Good Posture Thin
Image: EurekaErgonomic

Good posture is so important for a variety of reasons, primarily because of its health benefits. It can improve chronic back pain, and keeps us from getting a permanent dowager’s hump. Poor posture has even been linked to anxiety and depression. Having good posture has yet another benefit- it has instant slimming effects!

Often someone with poor posture slumps their shoulders, and pushes their gut out. Not only do they end up looking shorter than they actually are, but they’re accentuating their belly and making enlarging their belly. Stand straight, shoulders back, chest forward and you’ll look and feel like a million bucks. Studies show that individuals with good posture have higher energy levels, are more happy, and more confident.

4. Contour With Makeup

Contour Face
Image: Youtube

Is your face on the chubbier side? Not to worry because today contour palettes can be found at the beauty section of almost any store. Contouring has become widely popular and for good reason; it can take 10 pounds off your face in 10 minutes. When you contour, you use a darker shade to accentuate your cheekbones and jawline, while slimming your nose giving you a thinner face and a chiseled look. You also use a color lighter than your shade to highlight areas where light falls first such as the center of your forehead, bridge of your nose, and under eye area.

Contouring works on other parts of your body that you wish to accentuate. Women contour their arms, accentuate their cleavage, and chisel out their collar bones.

5. Dress For Your Body

Look Thinner
Image: Redorbit

What you wear plays a huge role in how you look. The clothing you wear can make you appear heavier or thinner depending on the piece. Longer cardigans and tunics can elongate your torso making you appear taller and thinner. Adding a pair of high heels to an outfit instantly gives you height and slims you. When wearing jeans, choose a pair that is on the longer side, and a straight cut.

Solid colors are more slimming than patterns are. You can never go wrong with wearing black, as it’s the most slimming color there is. Stay away from larger prints, because the larger the prints the larger you appear.

Again, weight loss results don’t happen overnight. It takes plenty of dedication, patience, and hard work. And maybe you’re on the road to that and are doing great! While these tips don’t change the number on your scale, you can bet they’ll change the way you look and feel and you’ll have people asking what diet you’re on because you are going to look fabulous!

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