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10 Reasons Why You Need Vaseline in Your Cosmetic Bag

If we know one thing about Vaseline, it’s that it can be used in numerous ways. Vaseline is so nostalgic; all we have to do is think back to our childhood, and remember how mom always had a tub of Vaseline on hand. Don’t know about you but Vaseline was my very first “lip gloss”.

Today, there are products being sold for every purpose you could think of. We often forget that there’s a mother of all products that’s affordable and so versatile… it’s called Vaseline. It’s kind of a wonder why we spend so much money on so many products, when we can just buy a tub of Vaseline and call it good. Well if you don’t believe Vaseline is a multi-purpose beauty tool, then keep reading because we have 10 reasons why you NEED Vaseline in your cosmetic bag.

1. Lip & Body Scrub 

DIY Lip Scrub Vaseline
Image from Wednesdaymorningcoffee

This is so simple yet so effective! Make a DIY lip scrub! All you need is Vaseline, sugar, and lemon juice. Combine all three ingredients to form a thick scrub, and you’ve got a yummy smelling, tasty homemade lip scrub without all the added junk you’d find in some store bought ones!

No reason to stop there! Make a DIY body scrub using Vaseline. Just add some sea salt and a drop of Vitamin E oil and put it in a cute tiny jar in your shower!

2. Natural Highlighter 

Vaseline Highlighter
Image from Marie Claire

If you’re not into the whole “blind them with your highlighter” look, then we’ve got just the trick for you. Apply a bit of Vaseline onto the top of your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and corner of your eyes for a barely-there, natural highlighter.

For date night, or when you need a little extra dazzle but don’t want to go overboard with the highlighter, combine vaseline with a shimmer like the Mac Shimmer Powder. This way you get to control how much shimmer goes on your face.

3. Protection from Hair Dyes 

Hair Dye Vaseline
Image from Todayshow

Stylists use this trick at the salon all the time. If you are brave and amazing enough to dye your own hair at home, then this is the trick for you! Take some Vaseline on your fingers, and apply it around your hairline to avoid that embarrassing scalp dye job we get sometimes.

4. Hair Smoother

Hair Smoothing Vaseline
Image from Phillip Adam

Instead of spending money on a hair smoothing treatment, tame your hair with Vaseline. Ever get those tiny baby hairs that stick up when you part your hair? Rub some Vaseline between your fingers and then gently pat those baby hairs down. Vaseline works great for split ends too, and smoothing out frizzy hair.

5. Makeup Remover 

Makeup remover DIY Vaseline
Image from HuffingtonPost

Here’s another product you can omit purchasing altogether- a makeup remover. Vaseline removes even waterproof products off your face like eye liners and mascaras. Apply a small amount of Vaseline onto a cotton pad, and wipe away your makeup with ease and gentleness.

6. Thicker Lashes and Eyebrows

Eyelashes Thick Brows
Image from Pinterest

Vaseline is gentle enough even to use on your eyes and eyebrows. Apply some Vaseline onto a spoolie brush and brush your eyelashes and brows nightly to nourish them, and promote growth! For those days you want to go makeup-free, apply Vaseline onto your lashes for a darker, fuller appearance, and tame those wild eyebrows by using Vaseline and a brushing motion.

7. Skin Moisturizer 

Vaseline Moisturizer
Image from Self

This is perhaps the most obvious way to use Vaseline as a beauty product. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your palms, elbows, knees, ankles, and heels regularly for beautifully soft skin! You can also apply a liberal amount of Vaseline onto your dry or cracked heels, and wear your socks to bed. You’ll wake up with amazingly smooth feet!

8. Use with Sunless Tanner 

Sunless Tanning Vaseline
Image from Shape

Vaseline is a great option when you’re about to get a spray tan, or are applying your sunless tanning lotion at home. Apply a liberal amount of Vaseline onto your elbows, knees, palms, and bottoms of your feet to create a sort of barrier for the tan. This will prevent the tan sticking to these dry areas, and leave you with a smooth, even tan! It’ll also prevent your hands and feet from turning orange!

9. Perfume Enhancer

Perfume Vaseline
Image from Greatist

Believe it or not, Vaseline can help keep your perfume from fading! Perfume sticks to moisturized areas, so go ahead and apply some Vaseline to your neck and wrists, then spray perfume and smell it all day and night!

10. Neater Manicure

Nail Polish
Image from Pedicure

This is the same idea as applying Vaseline around your hairline. In this case, when you’re giving yourself a manicure and are ready to paint the polish on, apply some Vaseline around your nails. This will help prevent the nail polish from getting on your skin!

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