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10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Let’s be honest. There is an obsession in our culture today with youthfulness. Perhaps it’s always been this way. Being younger means being stronger, feeling more energized, and looking vibrant. Everyone wants to look young! Makeup was invented to emphasize our beautiful features and make us feel more attractive and youthful. So it’s with deep sympathy that I say makeup can either help in the youthfulness department, or it can AGE you significantly. Let’s talk about the 10 most common makeup mistakes that are making you look OLDER!

1. You’re Applying Too Much Foundation

Cakey Foundation
Image from Sphere of Beauty

Unless you’re 15 and have immaculate perfect skin, applying a lot of foundation or cover-up isn’t going to do you any favors. Foundation already emphasizes our imperfections- peach fuzz, wrinkles, pores. So when you cake it up, you’re basically magnifying these imperfections for everyone to see and notice. A light and breezy layer of makeup will do wonders for your appearance.

Now trust me I know what it’s like to have awful skin at one point or another. So you gals with problem skin prefer a full coverage foundation are probably saying “easier said than done” when it comes to easy breezy makeup. I’ve been there! But believe me, a quality concealer in your problem areas, and a light coverage on top will make you GORGEOUS and you don’t need all that cake face!

A light coverage foundation will also let your skin breathe, and prevent future breakouts that are sometimes caused by heavy makeup.

This doesn’t just apply to foundation, however. If you’re over lining your eyes or lips with extra dark liners, or if your blush is darker than it should be you are aging yourself!

2. You Have Too Much Powder On 

Makeup Powder
Image from Avesense

Setting powder is awesome! Especially for us ladies who produce a lot of oil (ugh)! The way it’s meant to be used is with a brush. You tap off the excess product and then apply in your T-zone, or wherever you have the most oil showing through. You do NOT apply a heavy handed amount onto every inch of your face! Unless you want to look like a pale statue. If you have trouble with powder, there are brilliant sheer powders on the market these days.

3. You’re Not Using a Primer 

Skin Pores
Image from Youtube

A primer will help your foundation glide on effortlessly and seamlessly. Some people can get away with just moisturizing and applying their foundation. But if you have enlarged pores, you absolutely need to invest in a primer! Specifically a primer that is mattifying and pore reducing like the Porefessional by Benefit Cosmetics, Smashbox Photo Finish, or Bare Minerals Prime Time primers.

4. Your Lip Liner is Too Dark 

Lip Liner
Image from Lulusalons

Lining your lips with a lip liner can make your lips appear fuller and more youthful! Unfortunately, using a lip liner that is too dark for your lipstick and skin tone is doing more harm than good, and aging you significantly. Opt for a lip liner that is one or two shades darker than your natural lips. If you’re a brave gal who loves vampy colors, choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick.

5. You Need To Stop Plucking Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows Overplucked
Image from Cosettes Beauty

Every magazine and fashion show you’ve seen for the past 10 years shows the popularity of full brows. This is because full brows are youthful! Thin eyebrows are not in style anymore. Thin brows make you look older because the thinning of hair regardless of if it’s on your head or brows ages you. Grow ’em out!

6. Your Eyebrows Are Too Dark 

Dark Eyebrows
Image from Dnainfo

Eyebrows frame the face and can help make you look put together or quite the opposite. It’s ideal to have your eyebrows a shade or two darker than the color of your hair. So if you’re blonde and your eyebrows are black, it’s hard not to notice. Eyebrows that are too dark take away all youthfulness from the face and add an aggressiveness to the look.

7. Your Contour Isn’t Where It’s Supposed To Be

Bad Contouring
Image from Buzzfeed

We love contour. Growing up with a round face, I’ve always tried out different methods to create a slimming illusion. How fortunate are we today that we can go purchase amazing contour palettes for all skin shades? The problem is if you apply contour improperly, you’ll increase your age by 10 years. Pulling the contour too far towards your mouth, or applying it too low on your face will make you look so much older. Also, don’t be heavy handed; contour is meant to look like a natural shadow.

8. You’re Using The Wrong Color Blush

Blush Makeup
Image from the Beauty Informer

Rosy cheeks are beautiful. Rosy cheeks are youthful. Dark, bruise like cheeks are unattractive. If you’re using a blush that is too dark or too unnatural in shade, you’re aging yourself!

9. You’re Not Moisturizing Your Face

Dry Skin
Image from Charlies Magazine

Before applying ANY kind of makeup, your skin must be prepped and ready for application. If you’re not moisturizing your face regularly, your foundation and makeup will stick to dry patches and end up looking blotchy and patchy!

10. You’re Forgetting The Sunscreen

So far we’ve talked about the different makeup techniques that age you. But if you’re forgetting to slather on the sunscreen, it won’t matter how perfect your makeup application techniques are because omitting the sunscreen ages your skin.

Sunscreen Makeup
Image from SPY

You’re a beautiful person! Start using makeup to emphasize your beauty and youthfulness!

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