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5 Things To Avoid Eating For Healthy Skin

If you struggle with your skin and it feels like you’ve tried every creme but it just isn’t giving you the results you want, keep reading because we’ve got a list of the 5 foods that are ruining your skin!

1. Fried foods.

Fried Foods Skin
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Fried food tastes great, can’t argue there. Have you ever noticed, however, that after a tasty fried feast you literally crave hydration? Most fried foods have too much salt, which causes dehydration and acne. If that wasn’t bad enough, fried foods can simultaneously bring out more oils in your skin that also cause breakouts!

2. Sugar.

dessert donuts doughnuts food
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If you’re a sweet tooth, this is going to be hard to hear…but it’s one of the most harmful consumptions for your skin. Sugar damages collagen and elastin- substances that are crucial for youthfulness and vitality!

3. Alcohol. 

Alcohol Skin Bad

Alcohol contains excess sugars, and again damages cells and causes premature aging. It also contributes the the bursting of capillaries on your face and rosacea. Last but not least, it dehydrates your skin which may lead to breakouts.

4. Dairy. 


Dairy in moderation is great and healthy. However, dairy is an inflammatory food meaning it can aggravate your existing skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. Many people are lactose intolerant, and allergic to dairy.

5. Gluten. 

Gluten Bad Skin
Image by Dr Hagmeyer

Gluten messes with your your digestive tract, and your skin. It is also an inflammatory food like dairy, and causes your existing skin conditions to worsen.

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