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5 Ways to Get Sexy Hair Now

We can all agree that gorgeous hair makes us all feel sexy. But when it’s a little drab and lifeless, it can really take a toll on our appearance and self esteem. I’ve got 5 tips for sexier hair that are quick, easy, and effortless!

Step 1 Condition First.

Hair Conditioner
Wild, I know. But if you condition your hair FIRST, it allows natural oils to soften your hair by penetrating into the cuticle. Go with a conditioning mask, and apply and keep on for about ten minutes. Shampoo afterwards to remove residue.

Step 2 Volumize.

Volume HairFor us gals with naturally fine, flat hair, we crave that volume and bounce. To achieve voluminous hair, avoid excess products in your hair as they can really weigh it down more. Instead, opt for a voluminizing spray and spray strands while hair is damp, then blow-dry. Easy peasy!

Step 3 Part to the side.

Voluminous Hair
Image by Pinterest

It seems a lot of the Instagram influencers and celebrities are rocking the center part lately, and it is totally in. But I advise you to try and part your hair a bit off to the side, and you’ll see a major difference that swoop can do!

Step 4 Gloss it up!

Glossy Hair
Image from sheknows

Some women are afraid of hair gloss, especially those of us with already flat, thin hair. But the right gloss product can work WONDERS for your hair. There’s nothing sexy about dry fragile split ends. There are super light silicone sprays you can purchase and use on damp hair. You can also buy a hair glossing treatment and do it at home, or have your hair dresser do it for you. Some glosses are tinted and provide that extra something to the shine.

Step 5 Let your hair down. 

Hair Down
Image from Pinterest

OK, I’m guilty. It’s just so convenience to tuck your hair behind your ears. But lets be honest, it isn’t flattering, and it isn’t sexy. So your hair fall around your face for that flirty look!

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